4 reasons to invest in a website

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It is surprising how many business owners still don't have a web presence. They insist that, "It ain't broke, so why fix it?" Why go to all the effort of building--or paying someone else to build--a website when business is going well already? For many businesses, what "ain't" broke today is going to face challenges tomorrow.

Here are a four reasons why it's time to fix it by getting a website, even if it "ain't" broke yet:

  • The Live Brochure - most businesses have used the brochure as a marketing format at some point. In the old days, they provided a great deal of information in one handy booklet. But with a website, you get a live brochure that is available for anyone to see anywhere in the world at anytime of the day. You have an inexpensive 24-hour Salesman! And there is no limit to the amount of information you can include.
  • Expand Your Business - Reach 30% of your target market that is unreachable through any other form of advertising, because they have migrated online and they have chosen not to do business with companies that do not have websites or have bad websites.
  • It's Expected - These days, for a business not to have a website is akin to using a typewriter to create your business documents. Your customers and clients expect you to progress with the times, and if you don't keep up, they'll leave you behind.
  • Lower you Expenses - Your website will not only lower your marketing expenses, it is a customer and vendor relationship management tool to cut your customer support costs and improve your productivity through the use of online forms, newsletters, databases, calendars, etc.

The Internet has forever changed the sales, marketing, customer service, procurement and financial landscape for all businesses. Embracing the fundamental efficiencies and cost effectiveness of the Internet is now essential for all organizations to remain competitive.