Click-ROI is 7strategy’s Pay Per Click (PPC) customized management solution for maximizing a business's ROI through online advertising campaigns. With Click-ROI, our experts track advertisement traffic to your site and measure how it converts into leads and actual business sales. By using this data, we are then able to offer detailed and customized campaign management services to maximize the returns on your marketing budget.

How our Click-ROI management works:

  • A search analyst conducts an extensive analysis of your business's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). Based on this SWOT analysis, we develop a PPC advertising campaign based on the best keywords that will direct customer traffic to your business.
  • 7strategy personnel then manages your PPC advertisements to ensure they are generating the most clicks per views and the best and most cost-effective leads, all within your set monthly budget.
  • Each month, your business receives detailed reports about your campaign data that explain the most pertinent information to adjust your campaigns.
  • Our analysts perform conversion analytics, quality score monitoring and ad testing to constantly improve your ROI and make sure that your advertisements are achieving maximum effectiveness.
  • Because business and consumer trends change, you can adjust your Click-ROI plan at any time to tailor it to changing marketing budgets, strategies and advertising needs.
  • With our Pay Per Call feature, your business can also track customers that call from your website based on specific keyword campaigns.

At 7strategy, we pride ourselves on helping businesses identify and prioritize their online marketing needs. We then create and execute programs, like our Click-ROI program, to maximize effectiveness of your advertisements with the latest marketing and advertising trends.

Request a Consultation today and get a detailed outline of how you can maximize your revenue from PPC advertising with our Click-ROI program.