What Are the Services Offered by 7strategy?

  • We are experts in conducting SWOT analyses. On the basis of the results, we are then able to recommend specific PPC campaigns and we will assist in the selection of appropriate keywords.
  • We will make sure that our clients derive maximum benefit from their campaigns by managing their pay per click campaigns.
  • We provide detailed monthly reports.
  • We will help our clients adjust their PPC campaigns as their needs change.
  • We can even develop pay per call features, helping our clients to track calls from their websites.

How Does It Work?

We offer a variety of standard packages, but we are most certainly able and willing to develop custom packages as well. Visit our website and do not hesitate to contact us if there are any questions.

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Why Is PPC Reporting Important?

Our clients can only manage their websites properly if they receive accurate feedback about the performance of their online marketing strategies. 7strategy can help fulfill this need by means of its sophisticated software that provides accurate visitor statistics. Of course, website owners are interested in visitor statistics; however, ultimately, they need to convert the leads that they receive into sales. This is where we excel because our software is able to provide detailed analyses of large amounts of data that will help our clients to maximize their sales.

Without frequent and accurate reporting, no PPC campaign can be successful. Without these reports it would be virtually impossible to make decisions that will improve the success of the campaign and to take steps that will capitalize on leads received. We are even able to deliver custom reports that will satisfy the specific needs of our clients. We deliver reports on a monthly basis, depending upon the level of the campaign.