Internet Marketing

Studies have revealed that over 99% of the Internet’s content is not optimized for search engines. With a proper SEO strategy, your press releases and articles will stand out and command a greater online presence.

Search engine optimization has added a whole new dimension to press releases by providing direct access to customers through search results. Many of the same SEO rules that apply to press releases also apply to content created for websites and blogs.

Increasingly, more customers and journalists are using the Internet to find information about products and services. SEO press releases can help your business stand out in search engine rankings, leading to greater visibility than ever before.

Benefits of SEO Press Releases

Search engine optimization is a long term strategy that your business needs to invest in. SEO press releases can bring in new targeted visitors to your website within days. By incorporating a few simple strategies, press releases are a cost-effective, powerful marketing tool. By making it simpler for search engines to find your website, your business will gain new sales opportunities as a result.

The Proven Results of Optimized Content

Recent studies from the Pew Research Center reveal that 89% of Internet users find information with the help of search engines. Similarly, 81% of potential customers research products and services on the Internet before making a purchase.

With proper SEO techniques, press releases and articles can enhance the effectiveness of a company’s messaging, drive organic traffic, and generate sales opportunities. When relevant keywords are used, Internet users will discover your business’ web content based on their keyword searches. In today's world, SEO press releases are an essential element of any successful marketing strategy.