A different kind of company

Through strategic planning we commit 7 deliverables for your business:

  • Grow your Revenue
  • Improve your Customer Relations
  • Lower your Marketing Costs
  • Increase your Brand Awareness
  • Enhance your Brand Loyalty
  • Clean your house
  • Mow your lawn

Planning First

The Internet has forever changed the sales, marketing, customer service, procurement and financial landscape for all businesses. Embracing the fundamental efficiencies and cost effectiveness of the Internet is now essential for all organizations to remain competitive. Without the proper planning, goals, marketing or design, a website is doomed for failure.

Our approach is strategic...no design work is undertaken before we set the goals, identify the target market and define the desired user action.

Personal service is one of the key ingredients in the success of 7strategy. At 7strategy we like to feel we are working with our clients, as well as for them.